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Wedding Ceremony

Officiant and MC Services

You Dream it. We Take Care of it.

Officiant with Chris Toledo

My name is Chris Toledo, non religious officiant, My focus is on creating an inclusive ambiance, a positive vibe dedicated to spreading joy, creating unforgettable moments that will kick off the marriage in a loving way that will create memories of a lifetime.  My infectious positive energy builds up a JOY, momentum and ENERGY. That will give you the confidence and composure when in the ceremony, that you are being guided by an experienced and polished professional.


My experience includes officiating over 200 weddings all over the world, from intimate settings, to crowds of up to 1500, so I am comfortable in crowds of all sizes.


My philosophy as an officiant is that every single person in attendance is a part of history, so I make it a point to create an inclusive environment where all in attendance are engaged and present with their energy as we move through the ceremony.I customize every script, so I will send a short questionnaire to gather some info so that I can customize the script and experience to YOU.

Master of Ceremony with Chris Toledo

Most wedding do not necessary need a designated professional MC.  Our DJs make the necessary announcements and introductions throughout the day.  For some events it may makes sense.  In the case there are over 150 guests, if there are games and activities, need Spanish speaking, multiple rooms or significant amounts of instructions or introductions needed.  MC Chris is a professional and it will take yoru event to another level for guest experience and flow.     

Chris has a range of professional experiences at top tier events for worldwide
events. delivering high energy, organized and masterful performances.
A former international professional athlete abroad, television show host, Chris
is comfortable in the spotlight. With a host of experiences ranging from
being the on air host of “The Reebok City Jam Show”, in association with
ESPN, Universal Studios Orlando, Reebok International, to working with Club
Med International Caribbean, South Pacific, Middle East, Europe USA, Chris
Toledo's positive, focused and engaging energy entertains, delights, and
moves audiences,
Chris is a masterful communicator who understands each event is unique,
and will work with coordinators, planners to align to a mutual understanding
of success and will guide your event with ease and pace that is conducive to a
smooth, flawless, forward flowing event.
As a wedding MC, Chris will schedule a ‘confidence' call to go over the details
of the event, help put the final touches on the timeline as well as gather the
subtle details that ensure a successful event.
The hallmark of Chris’s Master of Ceremony career is a positive mindset,
exceptional communication skills and charisma which sets the tone to create
a tidal wave of positive momentum that will sweep through your event from
pre-event to the final moment.

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