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It is always an honor to be selected to DJ and MC a wedding.  I strongly believe it is one of the most impactful pieces of a wedding and therefore holds a great responsibility.  I am your sound, wedding flow, ambiance setting and music entertainment.


I love working weddings, I get to bring joy to many and I know how much you worked to organize this one day.  

What makes a GREAT wedding DJ?


Customer Service: This is a people’s business and furthermore the stakes couldn’t be higher.  I know the pressure you have to be the planner, center of attention and have fun all at the same time. It is possible to have it all with trusted vendors who care.     


Wedding logistics: A wedding has a strict timeline and this is a moving people gracefully business.  I can help plan a timeline that makes sense from taking seats for dinner, introductions, toasts, first dance cake cutting.  Sound like a lot? Don’t worry we got your back.  


Sound systems:  Good sound with speakers and wireless mic is important for the ceremony, dinner music and most importantly the dance party. I believe in investing in the best equipment that always delivers in all circumstances.  


Master of Ceremony:  The mic is a powerful thing, people hear it, so it better be meaningful.  Every MC has his or her own style but at the same time I believe we must remember it is the couple’s day to shine not the MC.  I use it for cheerful introductions, crowd flow and announcements.  


Song selection:  A club DJ may not make a good wedding DJ.  We have 3 generations we are working with, knowing how to keep the dance floor full is an art and intuition.  I take it personally when the dance floor clears, I build the nights from the first song to the very last song.  

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